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When it comes to linguistic skills, there is often a shortfall between the level we think we have, theoretically, and the actual level we have, practically speaking. Bright Language is an online tool for the accurate evaluation of language skills.

Work through specially designed modules, and Bright Language will assess your levels of listening and written comprehension. It will accurately assess your level in a general sense and in specific contexts.

When you follow a language course with Au-Delà des Langues, you will automatically be registered for this evaluation, or to sit a different one if you so wish. If you do a course in English, de French,, de PortugueseGerman, Spanish,Italian, Dutch or even Chinese, we prepare you for this test to ensure you gain the best results.

Pourquoi est-ce important que je passe le test Bright Language ?

Because it gives an accurate and objective measure of your language ability. This enables you evidence your skills for prospective employers, managers, teachers and anyone else who may need an accurate assessment of your level.

Currently, many international companies such as Total, BNP Parisbas, Sarfan, Valeo, Solvay and even Banque de France, SHAPE have opted to use Bright tests as an indicator benchmark for recruitment and professional development.

Je stresse lorsque je dois passer un test, est-ce que je suis accompagné ?

At Au-Delà des Langues, we prepare you effectively to pass your evaluation from the moment you begin a language course and that it meets your expectations.

Est-ce que ce test Bright Language est de qualité ?

Bright Language tests are endorsed by the University of Michigan, USA. They are available in 11 languages (among those Mandarin and Russian), 13 interface languages and are used in over 80 countries.

For more information, visit the official Bright Language website ou contact us..

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