Language Courses

At Au-Delà Des Langues propose des language courses fun, fully accessible and speaking-orientated lessons.


Speaking other languages than your mother tongue can open new opportunities for you, for the rest of your life.

Our teachers are handpicked for their mastery of languages, their experience and their personality. They have worked, lived or are nationals from the country of the language they teach. Familiar with the complexities of their specialist language, they teach you what they know in a clear way.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to learn a language or improve your levels, they are good reasons! We adapt our teaching methods to suit your individual needs. We offer one to one courses for a personalised learning approach, small groups to encourage interaction and mutual support within the framework of continuous professional development or for an intensive crash course.

Des language courses fun, accessible courses with the emphasis on oral practise, humour, quality teaching staff, in short, everything to ensure your success.

Where will your next adventure lead you?

Language courses in La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Nantes and throughout all of France.

At Au-Delà Des Langues propose à ses apprenants des cours de langue in La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Nantes and throughout all of France. Do you want to learn English? Spanish? Italian? Chinese? Portuguese or Croatian?

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Reste du monde


We evaluate your level of French and that of the target language. The target language will always take second place – the most important thing is the level of your mother tongue.

In school, you don’t learn the language, your brain is crammed with information. The proof is that you don’t remember anything you learned!

30 pupils in the group, no apparent use for what you are learning, the stress of speaking in public, bad teachers, the taunts of others, exams etc!

With our tailormade courses and a didactic approach, you will love language learning.
If you were no good at school, with us you’ll be great.

A foreign language isn’t just made up of words but includes a cultural, historical context and a different way of seeing things.

In fact, learning a language with no knowledge of the cultural heritage of that country or no curiosity about the people of that country is a little like getting married to a total stranger!

It is better to study one hour a day for twenty days than to cram for four hours every day for five days. Continuity and progression allow you regular contact with the language, with similar benefits to total immersion.
In this way, you avoid becoming overwhelmed with vocabulary and grammar, which leads to boredom and discouragement.
A much more effective way to learn.

Trusted by over 40 million people, Assimil intuitively supports your learning and is available in over one hundred languages.

It has been recognised as an effective teaching method since 1929.

Learning new languages

You can train and learn new languages starting from now, thanks to ADDL.

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