Are you interested in language courses to learn a new language or brush up your existing level for any particular reason? ADDL offers courses in English in La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Nantes and everywhere in France.


Why learn English ? English has become one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide, in the professional domain and in international communications. 

English is the official language spoken in over 90 countries by more than 2 billion people and is spoken as a second language by more than 750 million people. English is one of the most easily accessible languages as it is spoken in films, on the television, in music and used on internet sites.

English is the third most widely spoken language as a native tongue.
English is the mother tongue of 350 million people.

Why islearning English so important? Here are the main reasons.

Learning English for work

One of the most important reasons people learn English is for work.

Whatever your job or field of work, you will most likely be expected to receive and answer emails in English, interact with foreign suppliers or simply communicate with fellow workers who only speak this language.

A firm grasp of English is now one of today’s most critical requirements for a host of jobs (even in France) and is therefore a definite plus on your CV. Your competence in this language will set you apart from those without this asset.

Learning English for everyday use

Why not learn English for use in everyday life? English is by far the most widely used language on the Internet. A good command of this language will open up so many new opportunities for you in the world.

Speaking English will allow you to discover new ways of thinking and widen your knowledge of the world’s different cultures.

Learning English for your education

How about learning English to enhance your education? A course in this language will enable you to apply to many international universities.

If you wish to pursue further education abroad, you will need to master this language to a high standard to secure a university place – regardless of your field of study, be it literary, scientific, economic or social.

Learning English is equally important for other reasons too, such as travelling abroad with confidence, watching films and TV series without having to read the subtitles, or just purely for your own personal pleasure.

Learning english at Au-delà des langues

Welcome to Au-delà des langues

You can take a course in English at our branch in La Rochelle, in your own home anywhere in France or online (for example, using Skype).

Our teachers are enthusiastic specialists, eager to pass on their knowledge through fun and accessible activities.

In a stress-free environment, our English courses allow you to reach the language level you need to achieve your goals.

At the end of the course, you will be enrolled for a DCL (Diplôme de Competence en Langue) or entered for TOEIC tests, (Test of English for International Communication), depending on your requirements.

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English Courses in La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Nantes and everywhere in France.