Are you searching for a language course to discover a new language or to brush up your skills in an existing one? At ADDL we offer French lessons at our office in La Rochelle, in Bordeaux, Nantes and across all of France.


Why would you want to take French lessons when many believe it is pointless since it is spoken less and less frequently? There are many reasons to learn this language, so pleasing to hear and to learn! It is one of the most widely spoken languages the world over: over 260 million people use this language throughout 120 countries and regions.

French is considered the language of poetry, of literature, of philosophy and the language of love! In short, this is an extremely culturally rich language.

Did you know? French is also a language much used in the domain of politics and particularly in the European Parliament, at the UN as well as in European high courts and for world sporting events.

million people speak French
French is the second most widely learned language after English

Still not convinced to learn French? Here are the main reasons to persuade you to begin this adventure.

Take a course in French to increase your chances of finding work in French speaking countries

Indeed! You may wish to take French lessons to help you find work in French speaking countries. Having a second language on your CV is a real asset and having a firm grasp of this language will be very useful when seeking employment. With French on your CV, you are sure to stand out in the crowd by your mastery of what is a notoriously complex language.

French lessons for everyday living

French is also a very useful language while travelling and will allow you more freedom to explore the world. There are many French speaking countries and taking a course in French will enable you to widen your range of travel destinations by visiting countries where you will feel at ease, free of the language barrier.

Learning French to enrich your studies

What if you embarked on the challenge of learning French to enrich your studies? You could validate prior learning and acquire new skills which will enable you to access a range of university courses. Mastery of French will give you easier access to French teaching establishments, in France or other Francophone countries.

So if French is not your mother tongue and you want to learn French, taking one of our courses will get you up to speed!

Or you could learn French just for pleasure and the satisfaction of being able to speak the language.

LEARNING FRENCH WITH Au-delà des langues

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French lessons with ADDL are conducted at our offices in La Rochelle, anywhere in France or via internet (on platforms such as Skype). Our teaching staff are highly motivated experts ready to teach you through engaging activities.

Delivered in a stress-free atmosphere, our French lessons will help you gain the level you need to make your project a success.

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French courses in La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Nantes and anywhere in France.